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  • Hospital for Special Care is a private, not-for-profit, 200-bed rehabilitation and chronic disease hospital licensed by the State of Connecticut. We specialize in rehabilitation of people who have had a stroke, a spinal cord injury, a brain injury or have other complex orthopedic needs. We serve our patients in our hospital, as outpatients and through our Brittany Farms Health Center. Our history spans 60 years of special care.

    Hospital for Special Care is affiliated with the University of Connecticut as a teaching hospital. Our medical staff comprises dedicated specialists in internal medicine, geriatrics, infectious diseases, physiatry, pulmonology, psychology and pediatrics.

    Located in central Connecticut, Hospital for Special Care is deeply connected to its community. We provide ongoing professional development for our staff, and we share our knowledge and experience with other professionals and the public through our active Speakers Bureau.

    We offer an extensive health and fitness program, including an array of sports programs for the disabled. The latest addition to our health services is our Aquatic Rehabilitation Center.