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The iCHIP provides specific guidance, information, and resources related to community health leadership, communication, policy, programming, planning, assessment, and training.

Inclusive Community Health Implementation Package (iCHIP)

To help address the inequities faced by people with disability, NCHPAD has created the Inclusive Community Health Implementation Package (iCHIP). The iCHIP features interactive tools to help community health practitioners, organizations, and coalitions incorporate, enhance, and promote inclusion across all aspects of community health efforts.

What is Inclusion?

Definition and further information regarding community health inclusion.

Planning and Leadership

Learn about the Community Health Inclusion Sustainability Planning Guide (CHISP), intended to be utilized in tandem with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's (CDC) A Sustainability Planning Guide for Healthy Communities.


The Community Health Inclusion Recommended Policies (CHIRP) is intended to provide health practitioners with a template for creating policy guidelines for health promotion programs that are inclusive of all potential program participants with disability.


To ensure that all messages are inclusive of people with disability both in terms of their content and dissemination, NCHPAD has created the Community Health Inclusion Communication Scorecard (CHICS).

Training, Information and Consultation

NCHPAD offers a free information service on a wide variety of topics related to physical activity, fitness, recreation, sports, leisure, nutrition, disability and chronic health conditions. Learn more about technical assistance and training.

Assessment and Evaluation

The Community Health Inclusion Index (CHII) is a set of survey tools used to help communities gather information on the extent to which there are health living resources that are inclusive of all members of the community, including persons with disabilities.

Policy, Systems & Environmental (PSE) Changes

NCHPAD can inform and guide community health inclusion practice by systematically adapting evidence-based programs and strategies along with sustainability efforts in community health originally designed and tested in the general population for people with disability.