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  • The 92nd Street Y operates in the context of a history that spans over 130 years. Founded in 1874 as the Young Men's Hebrew Association where Jewish men could find harmony and good fellowship, the 92nd Street Y today has evolved into a world-renowned community and cultural center, an organization of exhilarating vitality and remarkable diversity, a proudly Jewish institution that reaches out to people of every race, ethnicity, religion, age and economic class.

    At once a lecture hall, a performance space, a school, a health center and a community organization, the Y remains focused on its mission of enriching the lives of the people who pass through its doors - women and men, young families and senior citizens, accomplished artists and aspiring beginners, master instructors and enthusiastic students, world leaders and concerned citizens.

    The 92nd Street Y has always believed that physical activity is essential for strengthening bodies and energizing minds. Today's Y offers a wide range of health and fitness opportunities that include swimming, yoga, kick-boxing, gymnastics and swing dancing-to name a few. Nutrition classes, health screenings, medical education and support groups, many offered in conjunction with leading New York hospitals, provide our patrons with total wellness and physical well-being.


As a community center whose mission is to provide services to the entire community, the 92nd Street Y makes every endeavor to make its programs and events accessible.