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  • The Adaptive Adventure Sports Coalition (TAASC) is a non-profit organization located in Columbus, Ohio that was established to offer individuals with disabilities opportunities to participate in adventure activities.

    Our mission is to enhance the quality of life for people with disabilities by providing sports and recreational activities, and to offer opportunities for empowerment through education, leadership, and training in collaboration with community-based organizations.

    Purpose of the Organization includes:
    • Enhancing the opportunity for recreation participation by forming coalitions with private and public organizations that serve people with and without disabilities.
    • Offering community-based recreation opportunities for people of all ages and abilities
    • Providing leadership training in the area of adventure recreation and sports for teachers, coaches, programmers, administrators and others.
    • Our programs enhance everyday life, challenge our participants, help build self-confidence, and enables learning through experiences. Our activities include: kayaking, alpine skiing, water skiing, ice-skating, sailing, and cycling.

    Our staff has over twenty years of experience working with people with disabilities in a variety of settings. They are professional, fun to be around and most importantly hold the safety of all TAASC participants in the highest regard.

    We pride ourselves in being able to meet the needs of most individuals. Through participant assessments and interviews our staff will do what they can to meet the needs of anyone wanting to participant in our programs. With a little duct tape and some foam we can do amazing things. At times however, there are circumstances that will prohibit participation for some individuals. Please let us be the judge of that so not to sell yourself short before you even give it a try.