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  • The ASF is a non-profit organization that offers year-round recreational opportunities to individuals with mental and/or physical disabilities.

    Mission - Changing Lives Through Sports!
    To provide four season sports instruction and recreational activities for individuals with special needs that enhance the participant's self esteem and independence and to provide training to those associated with the student that enables them all to independently enjoy the recreational environment.

    The building is accessible including: the locker rooms, parking area, ramps, and front desk area. Staff is certified by the Professional Ski Instructors of America, and have Adaptive Ski Teaching Certifications as well as a Specialized Degree in Kinesiology/Physical Education with some coursework in disability.


Adaptive Sports Foundation at Windham Mountain
Since 1984, the Adaptive Sports Foundation (ASF) has been a non-profit organization that has provided skiing and snowboarding lessons to people with disabilities at Ski Windham in Windham, New York. The Foundation started out with approximately 20 volunteer instructors and 30 students. Since that initial season, the Foundation has grown and is now serving over 1500 individuals annually and has over 170 volunteer instructors on its roster. Recently the Foundation has added summer sports to the offering of recreational opportunities. This summer the ASF offered swimming, tennis, golf, hiking, biking, fishing and three overnight camping trips.

What makes the Adaptive Sports Foundation so unique?
What makes the Foundation special is that it offers the chance for disabled persons to learn the skills of certain sports and realize that they can become participating members of society. The confidence and self esteem found in the accomplishment of learning a new sport can be seen in the student's everyday life. The philosophy is that if I can accomplish a sport like skiing. I can do anything!"