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  • Mission:
    To ensure the physical and emotional well being of children and families, and to provide each child with the support and opportunities needed to become a happy, healthy and productive adult.

    The Respite Program provides year-round camping experiences for physically and developmentally disabled children whose families would otherwise not be able to afford such specialized programming. Through a combination of Children's Aid Society scholarships and New York State Funds, children ages 7-17 with disabilities such as cerebral palsy, spina bifida, autism, Down syndrome, mental retardation, and neurological impairments spend their week- and weekend-long breaks at Wagon Road. We offer 40 campers per session the unique opportunity to participate in many of the same camp activities available to their more able-bodied peers.

    Respite campers are constantly challenging themselves by participating in all kinds of new activities. Swimming in our heated pool equipped with a wheelchair ramp and waterproof mobile chairs, and horseback riding with special saddles designed to accommodate orthopedic impairments are favorite activities for our disabled children. These activities and other outdoor activities foster physical strength, balance and agility, and most importantly, boost confidence and self-esteem.

    In addition to the physical, emotional and social benefits Wagon Road offers disabled children, it allows for a respite break for the whole family. For parents, siblings and other caretakers, the stresses of caring for a child with disabilities can be overwhelming. The Wagon Road Respite Program allows families a much-needed time to rest and refuel so that they can continue to provide their children with the support they so desperately need.