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  • Children's Oncology Services, Inc. (COSI) is a not-for-profit charitable corporation dedicated to helping children with cancer and leukemia lead a "normal" life. This goal is accomplished primarily through the One Step At A Time camps and other programs, and by providing educational, social and physical development services to children with cancer and leukemia, regardless of their ability to pay.

    The kids who participate are normal kids with special problems living life to the fullest under extraordinary circumstances. Our largest program, the One Step At A Time Summer Camp, is dedicated to the principle that children with cancer and leukemia, those still undergoing treatment and those whose treatment has ended can benefit from the summer camp experience just like any child can. COSI also operates various scholarships funds for children with cancer.

    The One Step At A Time programs use the principle of volunteerism. All the administrative staff, counselors, doctors, nurses and medical technicians are volunteers. No one receives any remuneration for his or her work. Additionally, camp tuition is based upon the family's own assessment of their ability to pay and is often partially or completely waived. (Tuition is set at a fraction of the actual cost of camp.) Camps are open to any child from Illinois, northern Indiana or Wisconsin who has or has had cancer or leukemia. Children from across America and around the world (subject to space availability) have attended One Step At a Time Summer Camp. The status of the child's therapy does not influence the child�s eligibility. All that is required is that the child be well enough to have a reasonable chance of enjoying himself. These children are "normal children with special problems." The Summer Camp allows children and adolescents with cancer and leukemia to have a fun summer experience where they can build mental and physical strength through challenging activities, as well as bond with other kids who are undergoing similar experiences.