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  • Multiple sclerosis, commonly known by its initials (MS), is the most common disabling neurological disease. It affects more than 400,000 Americans and 7,000 Georgians. Although there is no cure for MS, it is treatable. It's important to know, available treatments can slow the progression of the disease and make a difference in people's lives.

    The MS Center at Shepherd Center's knowledgeable, caring staff offers comprehensive evaluations, diagnostics, rehabilitation services and cutting-edge treatment options through FDA-approved drugs and new clinical trials, all within a state-of-the-art facility--Shepherd Center.

    Our MS Center professionals work aggressively to slow the progress of the disease, focus on rehabilitation that emphasizes realistic goals for maximum independence, promote family involvement, and empower people with MS to make decisions and take responsibility for their own health care.

    We offer:
    • Medical treatment to slow the disease process and relieve symptoms
    • Physical rehabilitation, including strength and energy conservation training
    • A range of supportive services including psychological counseling, educational programs, vocational services, nutritional counseling, and therapeutic recreation programs
    If you have multiple sclerosis, you will be treated by a professional, interdisciplinary team that may include neurologists, urologists, MS nurses, physical and occupational therapists, case managers, nutritionists, speech therapists, vocational counselors, recreational therapists, recreational therapists and neuropsychologists. Shepherd Center physiatrists, neurosurgeons, gastroenterologists, and other medical specialists are also available when needed.