Social Media Activation Tools


Social media campaign using #HowIWalk hashtag linked to visuals asking people to engage through Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook showing from their points of view: their form of mobility/ how they walk and barriers/facilitators to walking in their community.

Sample Tweets
  • Now is the time to rebrand the word walking to include everybody in walking initiatives.  Join the #HowIWalk movement!

  • Stop the synonym surplus!   Every body walks.  Join @NCHPAD to create inclusion in walking. #HowIWalk

  • Some use two legs, some use two wheels.  Make walking an inclusive term! #HowIWalk

  • Rethink the way you speak about walking!  @NCHPAD is rebranding the word walking visit to learn more. #HowIWalk

  • Inclusion in health promotion is a winnable battle.  Join the movement to rebrand the word walking. #HowIWalk

  • Walking is a human right.  We must demand safe & accessibility streets.  Join @NCHPAD’s #HowIWalk movement.

  • @NCHPAD wants to see how you walk!  Share your mode of walking on social media using #HowIWalk.