Key Messages/Calls to Action

The following messages aim to guide the development of communication products and opportunities with the main audiences in mind being public health professionals, walking advocates, consumers/public, and other relevant stakeholders.

  • All individuals have the right to conditions and resources that ensure optimal health.

  • Given equal access to walking spaces and the adoption of livable community policies, walking is a viable form of physical activity for people of all ages and abilities.

  • Now is the time to rebrand the word walking so that everybody is included in walking initiatives.

  • Stop the synonym surplus!   Every body Let’s create inclusion in walking.

  • Use inclusive imagery showing people of all abilities walking instead of inclusive synonyms like rolling, pushing, or wheeling.

  • Some use two legs, some use two wheels. Make walking an inclusive term!

  • Rethink the way you speak about walking!

  • Inclusion in health promotion is a winnable battle. Join the movement to rebrand the word walking.

  • Walking is a human right. Demand safe and accessibility streets for walking and active transportation.

  • We want to see how you walk! Share your mode of walking on social media using #HowIWalk.

  • All modes of transportation should be accessible to all people at all times—systems designed to meet the needs of people with disability will meet the needs of everyone.

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