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School Recreation Specialist

Mary Allison Milford Cook began officially working at Lakeshore Foundation in 2010, but her involvement with the Foundation began over 15 years ago. Cooks participation in adaptive sports began at a very early age, and as a young athlete she competed in many basketball, track, and swim meets at Lakeshore. Cook attended The University of Alabama from 2004-2009 where she led the women's wheelchair basketball team to three Final Four finishes and captained the national championship team her senior year. Cook was also a member of the U.S. Womens Wheelchair Basketball Team from 2005-2012, earning the titles of Parapan, World, and Paralympic Champion. In 2009 Cook earned her Bachelor of Arts in Communication and Information Sciences, and she now works as an athletic and recreation coordinator at Lakeshore Foundation. In 2013 she began working with NCHPAD to develop a How To video series on YouTube for individuals who use wheelchairs. Cook is passionate about breaking down stereotypes regarding disabilities and educating other individuals with disabilities on how to live active, independent lives.