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Recreation & Athletic Specialist

Image of Lisa Hilborn Lisa Hilborn joined Lakeshore in 2011; she has served as an Associate Director of Athletics facilitating training site activity, overseeing adult athletic teams and conducting athletic events within the facility, for the past year.From 1992 to 2011, Lisa directed The Rancho Wheelchair Sports Program where she provided individuals from the ages of 3 to 40 with the opportunity to compete in a wide variety of wheelchair sports, year-round.This program was a proven and effective mechanism for reintegration into society through academic success as well as athletic accomplishment.Serving as the head coach, Lisa led her mens teams to top-ten rankings and her junior wheelchair basketball teams to championship games in national competitions.In 2010, Lisa was recognized by the NWBA with The Ed Owen Coach of the Year Award.As a credentialed teacher (CAPE certified) who holds a Masters Degree in Therapeutic Kinesiology, Lisa enjoys teaching in the K-12 and college levels.Lisas experience in the world of wheelchair sports in concert with her educational background will complement the already diversified and robust NCHPAD staff.