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Youth Program Details

Activities Offered
  • Soccer
Participants Served
  • Age range of participants:

    0 - 3 years: No

    3 - 5 years: Yes

    6 - 12 years: Yes

    13 - 18 years: Yes

    18 - 21 years: Yes

  • Accessible by Public Transportation: No

  • Transportation Provided by the Program: No



ASA programs are intended to use soccer as a means to develop good character, mental and physical fitness and interpersonal skills. Sportsmanship, social skills and self-esteem are developed by player participation and adult examples.


  • Recreation (or House) - The Recreation program stresses teaching and participation. Every player is entitled to play at least one half of every game. Therefore team sizes are regulated. The Suburban Friendship League (SFL) is part of the Recreation program and serves our older players.
  • Travel - The Travel program enters teams in the National Capital Soccer League (NCSL) for boys, the Washington Area Girls� Soccer League (WAGS) for girls, and the Old Dominion Soccer League (ODSL) for both boys and girls Travel leagues. Participation on those teams is based on ability and determined at tryouts. Tryouts for newly forming teams are held every Spring, occasionally in the Fall, and announced on our website.

ASA will facilitate the placement of children with special needs whenever possible. Please contact ASA for further information.

Instruction and Clinics

ASA also offers coaching courses, referee instruction, player clinics, tournaments and parent education programs.

Rules And Procedures

ASA has a handbook which governs the operation of its programs and spells out rules and regulations. It is posted on the website. Each player and parent is encouraged to review it.


Registration of each player is required. All new players must submit proof of age. A copy of a birth certificate or passport must be provided at time of registration.

Financial Aid

If your family has difficulty paying the registration fee or purchasing the uniform, please contact the office during office hours to learn more about financial aid available. Our financial aid program is based on the same criteria as the Alexandria City Public School Lunch program. A copy of your enrollment in the lunch program will be required for financial aid consideration.

What is Recreation League soccer?

ASA offers two leagues: recreation and travel. The recreation league stresses teaching and participation. Any child may play, regardless of experience, and many of our youngest players have had no experience at all. Most ASA players are Alexandria City residents, but non-city residents are welcome to register also. (An additional $25.00 non-resident fee is assessed to non-resident players each season.)

The recreation league (rec league) consists of two seasons: Spring and Fall. Spring is ASAs primary registration season. Most players register for the Full Year (two seasons of play) in the Spring of that year, but some players opt to register for Spring season only. The entire team usually stays together from Spring to Fall, depending on whether the coach continues or not. Fall is ASA�s secondary registration season, and at that time players register for Fall Only. The following Spring, these Fall Only players usually register for the Full Year, as described above.

Where do Recreation League teams play?

Games: For each season, each age-group is assigned a specific game field within the City of Alexandria. Each scheduled game is played at that assigned field, although start times may vary from game to game. Games are scheduled for Saturday mornings with first games starting at 9:00 AM and the following games starting through mid-day. Rescheduled make-up games are scheduled for Sunday afternoons with first games starting at noon. Game times are arranged by the age-group coordinators, and during the seasons most teams will have varied start times each Saturday. Games usually last about an hour.

Practices: All rec coaches are volunteers and are typically parents or guardians of a player on that team. Coaches have the opportunity to choose their practice field location and times of practice through a practice field coordinator. Practice fields are located across the City of Alexandria, often on school grounds, and are assigned to ASA each season by Alexandrias Department of Parks and Recreation. As ASA tries to group players on teams near where they live, practice fields are often within easy driving distance of home. Teams usually practice for 1 hour two times per week, although U5s often practice only once per week. ASA encourages parents and guardians of our young players to be present throughout each practice.

How long is the season?

Practices for the fall season begin in mid-September, with the first of 8 games scheduled for the end of September and the last game scheduled for early November. Practices for the spring season begin in early to mid-March, with the first of 8 games scheduled for the end of March to early April, and the last game scheduled for mid-May. In the spring season our youngest age-group of U5s (The U designation refers to an age-group) play a shortened season of 7 games in order to give them an extra week of practice.

How are teams formed?

ASA makes every attempt to form teams by neighborhood. That is why we ask to know the closest Alexandria City Public School school, whether your child attends it or not. Depending on how many players register, different neighborhoods will have different numbers of teams. Age-group coordinators work hard to place children as close as possible to their home neighborhoods. Coordinators also match volunteer parent-coaches with their neighborhood, and always place the coachs child on that team.

How much does it cost to register for 2010?

  • U5-U12: $105.00
  • U14-U19: $125.00
  • City of Alexandria non-resident fee (Zipcodes other than 22301, 22302, 22304, 22305, 22311, 22312, 22313 and 22314): $50.00
  • Late fee (applications submitted after 2/4/2010 deadline): $25.00
  • City-Mandated Youth Sport Participant Fee: $10.00

Please note that if you wish to register for the Spring season only during the full year registration period, the half-year fee registration fee is $75.00 for U5-U12, and $85.00 for U14-U19. The City-Mandated Youth Sport Participant is $5.00 for one-season. The Non-resident fee is $25.00 for one-season.

Does my child need a uniform or other equipment, and if so what are the fees?

Yes. A uniform is required to play in any U5-U12 ASA game. You may order and pay for your uniform items along with your registration fees. You may also register by the deadline, and then later visit the ASA office during regular office hours to choose and pay for your uniform items. Either way you will have to come to the office to claim your uniform items, and you may exchange sizes at any time as long as the item has not been worn or washed. The office is open Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 9:15 am to 12:15. It is closed to the public on Mondays and Fridays. Each season the office is also open for three nights from 6:00-8:00 pm during the last week of registration. If you are unable to visit the office during any of these times, please call us and we can make other arrangements for uniform pickup.

The set of red and blue tee shirts is only available for purchase through ASA. You may purchase the other uniform items elsewhere, but we offer them for sale in the office for your convenience. All players should have a soccer ball to bring to practices. Coaches will supply the game ball for the team.

U13/14-U19 teams organize their own uniform purchases. For any age group, shin guards are mandatory at practice and games.

  • SHIRTS (U5-U12) (Set of 2 tees: red and blue): $15.00
  • SHORTS (black): $10.00
  • SOCKS (black): $5.00
  • SHIN GUARDS: $5.00
  • BALL: $12.00

Ball sizes: U5-U7 Size 3; U8-U11/U12 Size 4; U13/14-U19 Size 5

Does ASA offer financial aid?

Financial aid is available for both registration and uniform fees. Our aid program is based on the same criteria as the Alexandria City Public School Lunch Program. A copy of your enrollment in the lunch program is required for aid consideration.

For weather related field closings please call the youth sports hotline at 703-746-5597.