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Program Details


Activities Offered
  • Physical Education
  • Water Aerobics/Exercise
  • Accessible by Public Transportation: No

  • Transportation Provided by the Program: No


Aquatic and Physical Education Services

Serves both community members and consumers enrolled at the Janet Pomeroy Center. Therapeutic Swimming, Instructional Programs and Adaptive Physical Education programs are offered to the community. Facilities, serving over 1,000 per week, include an indoor therapeutic swimming pool heated to 90-93 degrees, gymnasium, and weight room. Staff are certified in Life Guarding, Water Safety Instruction, Arthritis Instruction, First Aid and CPR-FPR (CPR for the Professional Rescuer).

General Information

Our Therapeutic Swim and Exercise Program is designed to provide exercise classes and swim time for those who have been prescribed aqua-therapy by their physician.

Note: We do not have therapists or doctors on staff. Be sure to ask your doctor what exercises you can and cannot do in the pool. Hours are limited; please see schedule for class times and fees.

A wheelchair ramp, ladders, and graduated steps provide access to the pool. Our pool temperature is kept between 90-93 degrees. Please bring any pool equipment you may need.

We have a weight room available for use during certain times for an additional fee. Clearance is needed from your doctor. Hours are limited; please call for class times and fees.

Information about Aides

We do not have aides. Swimmers must bring a friend or family member with them to the pool if assistance will be needed (a separate personal information sheet must be submitted for each aide). An aide is a responsible adult who will accompany the client in the dressing room and stay within arms reach in the pool at all times.