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Program Details


Activities Offered
  • Camp
  • Various Recreational Activities
  • Various Sports
Participants Served
  • Age range of participants: 6 to 18

  • Accessible by Public Transportation: No

  • Transportation Provided by the Program: No


Camp Buckskin is an overnight summer camp program that specializes in serving boys and girls ages 6-18 who are experiencing academic and/or social skill difficulties. Specifically, the majority of our campers have a primary diagnosis of AD/HD and/or learning disabilities, while others have an additional or related diagnosis. While these diagnoses make these individuals somewhat unique, they have the same needs as everyone else. To best address these needs most of our campers benefit from some special education services in a mainstream setting, while others receive some pull out services or attend specialized private schools. In addition, many of our campers benefit from a combination of medical and other professional services. The Buckskin program utilizes the summer break and a camp setting to supplement the efforts of the home, school and others to resolve these areas of need. Since our start in 1959, more than 7,000 children have benefitted from our therapeutic program. These young people have experienced a great deal of personal growth and improvement as reported by their parents, teachers and other involved professionals.

Program Design and Purpose:

The overall Buckskin program design is twofold in nature. Firstly, we serve as a preventive or early intervention program, seeking to address existing deficits before they become more pronounced. By taking this proactive approach, we believe that the individual, his/her family and society all benefit. From a financial and personal standpoint, the program acts as a bridge from one school year to the next. By effectively using the summer break, youth can not only stay focused but gain new abilities and improve existing skills. These new abilities and skills help produce a smoother transition to the new school year. By making this transition easier the individual experiences greater academic and social success.

Our purpose is to help the individual improve attitudes and the accompanying habits or behaviors that affect their self confidence, social skills, academics, and self esteem. This purpose is accomplished as our campers gain knowledge, and develop or improve their skills in a wide variety of areas. The camper's progression through the various formal skill levels in our structured activities represent concrete accomplishments. These individual successes enable the child to realize and better appreciate what he or she is capable of achieving. As a result of these successes, the camper feels a genuine sense of accomplishment, takes increased responsibility for his/her choices or actions, and has a more positive view of his/her self.

Daily Schedule

The daily schedule provides the campers with the structure they need and benefit from in a supportive environment. Our campers participate in the six main, regularly scheduled activities Monday through Friday. They attend three of the activities in the morning and the other three in the afternoon. Each activity is designed and purposefully organized so that each child will pass one or more formal levels. The campers rotate through and participate in the daily activities as a cabin group. The consistency of learning, playing, and working together presents ample opportunities to improve peer relations. It also provides the continuity that helps promote success.

**NOTE: Address and phone number provided above is for the summer.
Winter Contact Information:
4124 Quebec Ave N., Suite 300
Minneapolis, MN 55427
Phone: 763-208-4805
Fax: 763-208-8668