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Park Details


  • National park
  • National forest
  • National recreation area or facility managed by a federal agency
  • State park or recreation area managed by a state agency
  • Municipal park, recreation area or facility managed by city or county government
  • Private facility

General Description
    The National Park Service does not manage any of the trails or sites along the Juan Bautista de Anza National Historic Trail (except for those that fall within national park boundaries). We encourage all visitors to contact the local land managers of trail segments when planning their visits.

Accessibility Features General Accessibility Features
  • Accessible tent camp sites
  • Accessible RV camp sites
  • Accessible cabin/shelter camp sites
  • Accessible bathrooms
  • Accessible routes from accessible camp sites to accessible comfort stations/restrooms
  • Accessible viewing areas or outlooks
  • Accessible trails
  • Accessible picnic tables/areas
Amenities and Lodging
  • Accessible food service areas
  • Accessible gift shops
Information and Interpretation Features
  • Nature centers, visitor centers and/or museums that are accessible for people using mobility devices
  • Interior exhibits that provide audio description of the written information
  • Interior exhibits with tactile opportunities (such as tactile maps, models and/or objects)
  • Audio visuals with captioning
  • Audio visuals with audio description of the visuals
  • Sign language interpreters available for guided tours and interpretive programs
  • Exhibits located on accessible routes
  • Exhibits that provide audio services of the written information on accessible routes
  • Exhibits with tactile opportunities (such as tactile maps, models, and/or objects) on accessible routes
  • Brochures or program guides provide information on its accessibility features
  • Park brochures readily available in alternate formats (braille, large print, audio, computer disc)
  • Signage in alternate formats (Braille, large print, audio, etc)
  • Accessible TTY or text telephones available
  • A website that can be read by screen readers
  • A website in which accessibility information is included