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Park Details


  • National park
  • National recreation area or facility managed by a federal agency

General Description
    Recreation and programs

Accessibility Features
  • No general accessible features
  • Amenities and Lodging
    • Accessible food service areas
    • Accessible gift shops
    Information and Interpretation Features
    • Nature centers, visitor centers and/or museums that are accessible for people using mobility devices
    • Interior exhibits that provide audio description of the written information
    • Interior exhibits with tactile opportunities (such as tactile maps, models and/or objects)
    • Audio visuals with captioning
    • Audio visuals with audio description of the visuals
    • Sign language interpreters available for guided tours and interpretive programs
    • Exhibits located on accessible routes
    • Exhibits that provide audio services of the written information on accessible routes
    • Exhibits with tactile opportunities (such as tactile maps, models, and/or objects) on accessible routes
    • Brochures or program guides provide information on its accessibility features
    • Park brochures readily available in alternate formats (braille, large print, audio, computer disc)
    • Signage in alternate formats (Braille, large print, audio, etc)
    • Accessible TTY or text telephones available
    • A website in which accessibility information is included