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Park Details


  • State park or recreation area managed by a state agency

General Description
    Round Lake State Park is situated in 142 acres of forest surrounding a 58-acre lake at an elevation of 2,122 feet. The lake is the product of glacial activity dating back to the Pleistocene Epoch. Flocks of Canada geese pass over towering pine, hemlock and larch as osprey plunge to the lake for trout or perch. Robins and raven inspect the campgrounds while a lake breeze carries campfire smoke up through the canopy of ponderosa, western red cedar and paper birch. Close to shore, turtles and frogs, beaver and muskrat dart about for food amid the reeds and grasses, red alder, skunk cabbage and water lilies. Along one of three trails, hikers find beaver lodges, dams and ponds and, often, glimpse a resident moose. With an afternoon breeze stirring the lake''s waters, trout jump after insects as grebe dive under ripples and water ouzel dance on logs. Echoing across the lake is a strange chorus of bullfrog and duck calls, red-winged blackbird screeches, odd splashes and plops, and the sound of children playing on the beach.

    Day use area provides picnicking, hiking, fishing, swimming and canoeing.

Accessibility Features General Accessibility Features
  • Accessible tent camp sites
  • Accessible RV camp sites
  • Accessible bathrooms
  • Accessible routes from accessible camp sites to accessible comfort stations/restrooms
  • Accessible picnic tables/areas
  • Accessible boat docks or piers
Amenities and Lodging
  • No accessible amenities and lodging
Information and Interpretation Features
  • Nature centers, visitor centers and/or museums that are accessible for people using mobility devices