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  • National park

General Description

    Hopewell Culture National Historical Park (formerly Mound City Group National Monument) preserves the 2000-year old remains of 5 archeological sites near Chillicothe, Ohio. The Mound City Group unit features 23 mounds within an earthwork enclosure. This site is also the location of the park''s visitor center and administrative offices. The visitor center with its museum are wheelchair accessible, as is the 1 mile nature trail. Access to the mounds are by relatively level mown grass grounds.

    The Hopewell Mound Group unit preserves the remains of the "type" site for the Hopewell culture. This unit features a 1 mile paved trail that is part of regional rail-trail system.

    The Seip Earthworks unit preserves the second largest Hopewell culture mound (the largest was at Hopewell Mound Group, but has been largely leveled). Access to this site is through the Seip State Memorial with relatively level mown grass trails to the mound and down to Paint Creek.

    Hopeton Earthworks and High Bank Works units are closed to the public.

Accessibility Features General Accessibility Features
  • Accessible bathrooms
  • Accessible viewing areas or outlooks
  • Accessible trails
  • Accessible picnic tables/areas
Amenities and Lodging
  • Accessible gift shops
Information and Interpretation Features
  • Nature centers, visitor centers and/or museums that are accessible for people using mobility devices
  • Audio visuals with captioning
  • Exhibits located on accessible routes
  • Exhibits that provide audio services of the written information on accessible routes