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  • Therapeutic Adventures, Inc.: Approaching three decades of continuous service, thousands individuals have successfully participated in our adaptive outdoor programs. As an innovative leader, Therapeutic Adventures, Inc. has worked with ALL ages and populations. We have always served individuals, families, schools, disabled Veterans, therapeutic recreation programs, medical facilities (rehabilitation centers, hospitals) and other special groups.

    It has been an honor for us to provide adaptive programs for the disabled Veterans who have represented our great nation defending the freedoms we all enjoy. We have been privileged to provide individual instruction and group programs for soldiers after they have returned home from serving in the Korean War, Vietnam, Bosnia, the Gulf War, Afghanistan and Iraq. We have also worked with those who are victims of war and oppressed societies such as Somalia, and some Eastern European countries.


    Therapeutic Adventures, Inc. is a non-profit 501 (c) (3) charitable educational organization. Committed to providing greater access to adaptive outdoor recreation (Adaptive Snow Sports, Adaptive Water Sports, and Adaptive Wilderness Adventures) -- our primary goal is to improve the quality of life of ALL persons by helping them achieve independence in the outdoor environments where adaptive adventure activities are offered and enjoyed. Therapeutic Adventures has developed a unique and integrative approach to instruction using: our IndependencePlus Model, our Adaptive - Circle of Courage Model, and our Adaptive Outdoor Skills Mastery System.


Program services are broken down into four service areas:

  • Outdoor IndependenceTraining Centers � Provides a variety of adaptive outdoor recreation instructional programs, special camps, and other educational/therapeutic supports services.
  • Adaptive Outdoor Safety Council� An educational resource to assist individuals, families, healthcare professionals and adaptive outdoor service providers. Promotes: safety, education and leadership, as well as stewardship and protection of the outdoor environments where adaptive activities are offered and enjoyed.
  • Freedom Outdoors � Adaptive Adventure Outfitters. Provides assistive technology, adaptive outdoor equipment, safety products outdoor gear & specialty products to help individuals achieve greater functional independence in the outdoors.
  • Operation Freedom Outdoors - is a service of Therapeutic Adventures, Inc. committed to providing greater access to adaptive outdoor recreation for our disabled military heroes.