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  • Project Walk is a program dedicated to improving the lives of individuals who have sustained paralysis after suffering a devastating spinal cord injury. Through an intense exercise-based program, recovery is possible.


Recovery Options

Trial Week - Project Walk is the most experienced exercise-based spinal cord injury recovery center in the world. We have learned what it takes to succeed. During your trial week, our job is to educate you on our theory, the latest scientific research, our program's physical and mental demands, and how someone with SCI can recover. At the end of your visit, you will have an understanding of all aspects of recovery and what it takes to be successful.

In House - Our In-House program is the ideal program for those that are able to make the required commitment. As stated before this is not a six month, one or two year program. It is a program dedicated to pushing you as hard as possible to recover as much as possible, however long that takes. This is the program that all of our clients who have made the most recovery have gone through.

Home-Based Program - We designed the Home-Based Program for clients that can't relocate to Carlsbad to participate in our program. It is designed to maintain the nervous system, and through repetitions, improve it. While this is not the same as being at Project Walk working one-on-one with a certified specialist, it does allow you to perform the repetitions necessary to improve.

Train Your Trainer - Project Walk has developed an educational program, Train Your Trainer, to teach individuals how to safely and effectively train our clients at their homes or gyms. This program allows our clients to stay at home while getting the proper stimulation to regain function. We supply you and your trainer the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively work your paralyzed body through your personalized program.