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  • Disability Resource Program

    Individuals with physical disabilities enhance their self confidence, interactive skills and physical abilities through organized activities, support groups and self-advocacy. The program also seeks to educate and inform the public about disability issues so as to eliminate negative perceptions.

    Adaptive Sports & Activities

    A variety of adaptive sports provide barrier-free recreational and competitive opportunities for people of all skill levels and age groups, as well as their family and friends. The athletic programs run year-round and include wheelchair basketball, Wheelchair soccer,Stand-up Soccer, floor hockey wheelchair or Stand-up, cycling, golf, swimming and many more programs. We also do social events for the non-athletic person include movies,card & Pizza, dinners, or concerts.

    Equipment is available to borrow for a nominal fee, such as: handcycles, sport wheelchairs, bi-ski, mono-skis, and bowling equipment.

    A membership fee of $25 per year is requested to help offset program and equipment costs. Members receive reduced rates on activities, special events and equipment loans, as well as a subscription to the monthly newsletter.

    Community Presentations

    Whether addressing school children or business professionals, our presentations are designed to address questions, concerns and ideas about physical disabilities. Adapted play, such as wheelchair soccer, can also be incorporated to increase understanding and fun! The program is supported by the Community United Way and all presentations are available free of charge.

    Information, Referral and Library Resources

    The Disability Resource Program has information on a network of agencies and services throughout the Pioneer Valley. Our staff can answer questions, provide phone numbers and addresses, and offer direction and support on issues relevant to individuals with disabilities and their families. We also have a resource library made up of books and videos on a wide variety of topics.

    Support Services

    Child & Family’s support groups provide encouragement, education and a healing environment for individuals with physical disabilities living in an able bodied world. Group participants meet with both a psychotherapist and a disabilities professional.


All actives are listed in our monthy newsletter or on our website at

Our programs start for people at the age of 4 years old and we serve people as long as they want to be active.