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  • THREE TRACKERS OF OHIO is a volunteer non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion of adaptive recreational sports to persons with or without physical disabilities. The organization began over 20 years ago when several people with amputated legs decided they wanted to share their passion for downhill skiing.

    Originally the group was primarily social, focused only on skiing for people that could stand. The term Three Trackers comes from the impression or tracks that a skier with an amputated leg leaves in the snow (one ski and two outriggers).

    As equipment and techniques for adaptive skiing advanced, other adaptive methods were included. Several years ago, the group began acquiring adaptive ski equipment for people that could not stand or walk, but still wanted to ski. Volunteer instructors began learning how to use this equipment and teach others. This increased opportunities for people with more significant physical impairments. Three Trackers is now more focused on instruction and has a large collection of adaptive ski equipment and a host of skilled volunteers that can provide individualized instruction.

    In addition to snow skiing, Three Trackers also has an adaptive water ski program and holds an annual white water rafting trip.