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  • TSHA, Inc., formerly known as Tulsa Speech and Hearing Association is located in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Our goal at TSHA, Inc. is to increase the independence of people with hearing loss. We are a not-for-profit, Tulsa Area United Way member agency with 30+ years of experience in providing information and comprehensive support programs for those who have a hearing loss. TSHA also provides services for interested individuals: family, friends, employers, employees, and those just wanting to learn sign language.

    TSHA's programs are far reaching. The Interpreter Referral Program provides sign language interpreters for the entire state of Oklahoma including both Tulsa and Oklahoma City, Partners with Industry (PWI) offers job placement assistance to qualified individuals and serves a large portion of the state, while the Independent Living and the Information and Referral Programs focus mainly on the Tulsa, Oklahoma area.

    Projects with Industry is located in the Dallas, Texas area.


TSHA's programs are continually evolving to meet the ever changing needs of today's society. The one constant is the promotion of independence for the consumers served.

The Interpreter Referral Program (IRP) provides qualified interpreters for the entire state of Oklahoma in a variety of settings, ending the dependence on parents, siblings, children or co-workers to serve as interpreters. Last year IRP covered more than 6,000 interpreting assignments. This department also provides mentorship to individuals desiring to enhance their interpreting skills.

Recognized nationally for networking with state and private organizations TSHA's Projects with Industry (PWI) and Partners with Industry are employment programs providing job readiness and placement activities.

Information and Referral (I&R) serves as a resource for the community in the areas of deafness, hearing loss and speech impairments as well as providing effective utilization of community resources which include other United Way agencies.

Independent Living (IL) educates the clients and the community for better independence.

Each program provides specialized services ensuring all the needs of the client are addressed. TSHA's success is in educating and meeting the need of both the client and community in which they live. Events include:
Children's Summer Camps
Teen Summer Camps
Silent Dinner
Sign Classes