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  • The Brain Injury Association of Illinois (BIA of IL) is a not-for-profit, statewide membership organization comprised of people with brain injuries, family members, friends and professionals. BIA of IL is part of a network of brain injury associations across the United States, and is a subsidiary of the national Brain Injury Association, Inc. (BIA) which was founded in 1980. The BIA of IL is the only organization in Illinois serving individuals with TBI, their families and professionals who treat them and is dedicated to providing information, advocacy, and support.

    This is accomplished through:
    • Acting as an information and resource clearinghouse
    • Sponsoring annual educational programming
    • Facilitation of statewide support groups
    • Hosting adult and pediatric recreational camps
    • Actively participating in legislative advocacy
    • Fostering prevention awareness
    • Encouraging research.
    Our intention is to assist in developing communication channels between families and professionals in a way that; improves relationships and cooperation, enhances team work and helps reduce the possibility for future resentments through proper communication.

    In this new era of managed care and organizational changes, agencies search for viable options for their patients due to decreased resources, lengths of stay, and changing family structures. BIA of IL feels collaboration is critical for effective service delivery. Therefore, BIA of IL coalesces with local, state and national organizations to consistently lead Illinois into providing quality, affordable and accessible services to people with brain injuries and their families.