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  • Adaptive Adventures is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization working to advance the quality of life of people with disabilities through outdoor sports and recreation. Headquartered in Colorado, the agency identifies, promotes and provides progressive sports and recreation opportunities for children and adults with physical disabilities.

    Founded by a group of individuals with physical disabilities in 1999, the organization saw a need to increase awareness and participation in disabled sports and recreation for people of all ages. Driven by its belief in "freedom through mobility" and core values of affordability, independence, and leadership Adaptive Adventures plays an active role in the community as a contributor and as a benefactor. In addition, current events have created a focus on soldiers with disabilities and the need for them to participate in outdoor activities.

    Today, with the addition of a Chicago regional office, Adaptive Adventures is a national leader in adaptive cycling, water-skiing, paddling, alpine & cross-country skiing, and numerous youth programs. Additionally, the agency has enhanced its "Information Resource Center", an online portal designed to deliver information, support, and resources to anyone interested in adaptive sports and recreation.

    Since its inception, Adaptive Adventures has partnered with comparable organizations, sponsors, donors and volunteers to encourage the worldwide involvement of the clients they serve. For more information on Adaptive Adventures, please visit the website at


Adaptive Adventures also sponsor the annual Sarah Will and Chris Waddell Vail Monoski Camp. This all-ability monoski camp is open to beginner to advanced skiers. The camp will build confidence through instructing proper body position employing the basic skiing techniques used by the world's best skiers and PSIA instructors. With daily video, students will mark their own progress as well as learn from each other as they construct the visual image of proper skiing technique. For more information please call Sarah Will @ 970-926-8041 or email Sarah at Mailing address: 1202 Crazy Horse Circle, Edwards, CO 81632