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  • The United States Volleyball Association (USVBA) is the National Governing Body (NGB) for the sport of volleyball in the United States and is recognized by the Federation International de Volleyball (FIVB) and the United States Olympic Committee (USOC). The vision of the USVBA is to be acknowledged as the world leader in volleyball. In order to accomplish this mission, the following goals are to be achieved:

    • Competitive Success: To win gold medals in every international competition
    • Sport Growth: To achieve full participation in volleyball at all levels and in all geographical areas;
    • Sport Enhancement: To improve support services necessary for the quality and conduct of programs to ensure recognition as the authority and expert for volleyball
    • International Representation: To have influential positions on all international boards and commissions
    • Recognition: To receive consistent recognition of volleyball coaches and athletes as top world performers
    • Administration: To develop and maintain a structure which will effectively and efficiently assist in achieving the vision and mission of the Corporation
    • Finances: To develop, implement and maintain a financial plan to achieve the vision and mission of the Corporation.

    The USVBA is committed to and works toward opportunity for all to participate. It is an advocate for all Americans-endeavoring to assure universal access to opportunities at all levels of the game.

    The United States Volleyball Association believes that volleyball has so many positive things to offer those who participate. First, and most importantly, whether one is a gifted athlete or a recreational player, volleyball is FUN! It is a lifetime sport enjoyed by players from 8 to 80. Participation in volleyball is not only good exercise, but also involves team cooperation and spirit. We are committed to introducing our sport to all of America.


Many associate disabled sports with the Special Olympics. That world-wide program is the guiding organization for volleyball athletes with mental disabilities, but is only one of seven organizations recognized by the USOC in support of the disabled. Additional volleyball opportunities exist for the deaf, amputee, wheelchair, and other physically disabled athletes. Visit Disabled Sports USA Volleyball.

In October of 1998, U.S. House and Senate amended and renamed the Amateur Sports Act, to the current the Olympic and Amateur Sports Act. The new Olympic and Amateur Sports Act now fully incorporates Paralympics, clearly reflecting equal status for disabled athletes. It continues the original focus of the Act to integrate disabled sports with non-disabled National Governing Bodies (NGBs). Because some disabled sports are unique, it allows the USOC to recognize Paralympic sports organizations if integration does not serve their best interests, or if an NGB objects to integration. Under the measure the USOC is officially recognized as the national Paralympic Committee. A 1994 US Census report showed that 21% of the population was disabled, a percentage certain to grow as the baby boomer population ages. In any case, USOC support, from grant giving to Olympic Training Center usage, will also grow.

This inclusion was mirrored in USA Volleyball, where we now have a Disabled Sport Division, led by Vice President Roger Neppl. He is assisted by the US Paralympic staff, Joe Walsh, staff liaison John Kessel, USAV Director of Education, Diabled, Grassroots and Beach Volleyball. Head Coaches Bill Hamiter, Men's sitting, Mike Hulett, Women's sitting, Dave Richards, Men's Standing and a support staff including coaches Dixie Collins for the men and Denise Van De Walle for the women, round out the Paralympic programming side. USA Deaf Team Director Peg Worthington, Greg Remakalus, USA Men's Deaflympic coach, Patrick O'Brien, USA Women's Deaflympic Head Coach also work with USAV's Disabled Division to find the best talent and training. In conjunction with the Disabled Sports Organizations, we will be working to get more athletes playing and strengthening our USA National Teams - Deaf, Sitting, Standing and other areas.