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  • Safe Kids Worldwide is a global network of organizations whose mission is to prevent accidental childhood injury, a leading killer of children 14 and under. More than 450 coalitions in 16 countries bring together health and safety experts, educators, corporations, foundations, governments and volunteers to educate and protect families.

    Safe Kids Worldwide was founded in 1987 as the National SAFE KIDS Campaign by Children's National Medical Center with support from Johnson & Johnson. There is no one device or solution to prevent effectively all types of accidental childhood injuries. Instead, Safe Kids combines several factors to create programs that reduce injuries:

    The members of Safe Kids Worldwide are:
    • Empower local communities to prevent accidental injuries by building grassroots coalitions.
    • Generate national awareness of the burden of accidental injuries.
    • Encourage sound research on leading injury risks and critically evaluating solutions.
    • Pass and improve child safety laws and regulations.
    • Provide lifesaving devices such as child safety seats, helmets and smoke alarms to families who need them.
    • Promote global corporate leadership in child safety through effective and sustainable partnerships.
    While injury is a threat to children everywhere, significant progress has been made to reduce the risks. This progress must continue, and the lessons learned from years of injury prevention work must be adapted to help create a safety culture in every country where it is sorely lacking.