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  • Our mission is to initiate, stimulate and promote the overall growth and development of sports, recreation, leisure, health and fitness activities for persons with physical disabilities targeting programs and services for children and newly disabled adults in a manner similar to the sports and recreational opportunities afforded children and adults without disabilities throughout America.


AAD Programs & Services

  1. Victory Games Series - An array of multi or single sport venues or activities, serving both multi or single disability audiences while offering competitive and participatory events and activities which create opportunities for athletes with disabilities to participate, train, advance, and to have fun while meeting, greeting and learning from one another.

    Examples of Victory Games events and activities may include track and field meets, invitationals, and team tournaments such as wheelchair basketball, goal ball, sledge hockey or soccer, road racing, exhibitions, national and international athletic competitions and games, clinics, or workshops to mention a few!!!

  2. National Disability Sports Registry - The purpose of this service is to gather and maintain data reflecting to the world just how many people with disabilities are currently participating in sports, recreation, leisure, health and fitness activities.

    The ability to accurately identify the number of athletes with disabilities and the number of other individuals (family, friends and supporters) will help to support and justify positive and beneficial decisions on funding and resources for disability sports and recreation.

    This service is provided by AAD for athletes, families and others wishing to be informed and kept up to date on sports events, competitions and recreational activities for persons with physical disabilities.

  3. Grants - Based upon available funding, AAD awards grants on a quarterly basis to provide full or partial support for activities in the following four areas.
    • Youth Sports Training and Competition Grants
    • National Disability Awareness, Education and Diversity Programs
    • Community and Grassroots Partnering
    • Organizational Capacity Building