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  • The Michigan Wheelchair Athletic Association (MWAA) is a non-profit volunteer organization whose interest is in promotion of wheelchair sporting events and providing resources and education to the community.

    The group promotes, organizes and finances the annual wheelchair games, and helps to promote wheelchair sports throughout Michigan.

    MWAA is affiliated with Wheelchair Sports, USA (WSUSA), the international Wheelchair Athletic Association and numerous other professional and amateur sporting and wheelchair sporting organizations.


Started in 1946, wheelchair sports have grown to international status and are attended by thousands of athletes each year. The regional and national wheelchair athletic associations are founded on the same philosophy for athletic recreation and competitive sports as those for able-bodied persons. Events for athletes with physical challenges are termed Victory Games, and they provide the opportunity for children and adults to prove their abilities and skills in a wide range of events.

Since 1965, the Michigan Wheelchair (Victory) Games have provided athletes with a regional qualifying meet, the prerequisite for competition in the National Wheelchair Championships. Athletes competing at the National level of competition hope to be selected for the U.S. Team competing at the annual international competition, the Pan-Am games held every two years, or the Paralympics held every four years.

The event is Michigan’s regional qualifying meet for athletes with spinal cord injuries, Spina bifida, post polio syndrome, amputation, dwarfism and other mobility challenges. Athletes compete in a wide variety of sports from track and field events to swimming.