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  • Founded in 1982, Keshet provides educational, recreational and vocational programs for children and young adults with special needs.

    "We believe that every child and young adult should have the opportunity to participate in the mainstream of their community."

    The children of Keshet are integrated with the assistance of staff into existing schools and camps along side their typically developing peers. Keshet students are continuously challenged to reach their full potential. This balance of providing a nurturing foundation while facilitating each individual's strides toward independence permeates all of our programming.

    Located in the Chicago metropolitan area, Ariella Joy Frankel Keshet Day School, The Irving A. Hokin Keshet High School, Sunday School, Vocational, Adult and Recreational programs are nationally known models of integrating children and young adults with disabilities into neighborhood programs with their typically developing peers.

    Keshet's impact beyond the schools and summer programs includes its national prominence as a premier training center serving thousands of professionals and parents in the treatment of autism and communication disorders through structured teaching techniques and other related informational seminars.