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  • The United States Handcycling Federation (USHF) was formed in 1998 by wheelchair athletes, coaches, and supporters to promote integration of athletes with and without disabilities in the sport of cycling. The USHF is an association of individuals and organizations who share a common goal of health, fitness, and well-being for cyclists of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds. Handcycling is a form of adaptive cycling that enables athletes of all abilities to ride a "bike" exclusively using the upper body. Handcycling is also one of the newest competitions at the Paralympic Games, where it made its first appearance in Athens, Greece in 2004.

    The USHF provides a conduit to the cycling community by creating awareness, opportunity, and legitimacy for its members. Through coaching and education programs, competitions, and community outreach efforts, the USHF and its partners break down social barriers and bring cyclists of all ages, abilities, and interests together.