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  • THe National Wheelchair Poolplayers Association, Inc. (NWPA) is a non-profit organization dedicated to encouraging, developing and regulating wheelchair billiards. The NWPA serves wheelchair billiards as the Billiard Congress of America (BCA) serves able-bodied players.

    Sports & recreation are the best ways to encourage men, womenm and children with disabilities to live full and productive lives. Pool has become a popular sport around the world, especially for hundreds of wheelchair players. Pool is the perfect sport for most wheelchair users, because it is not physically demanding and age is not a factor.

    One of the goals of the NWPA is to recruit individuals, who have recently become disabled, in pool by holding clinics, tournaments and fundraisers throughout the United States. The NWPA actively seeks player members, associate members and sponsors, in order to affect this goal.

    The NWPA sanctions eight to twelve regional events , culminating with a National Championship and an International Championship each year. The NWPA is the National Governing Body for wheelchair billiards through Wheelchair Sports USA and the BCA, and is a member of the World Pool Association.