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  • We are a community service providers serving individuals with disabilities in over 40 communities across the Greater New Haven and Shoreline areas, including the Eastern Region of Connecticut, right up to the Rhode Island and Massachusetts borders.

    The agency has an array of supports and services available to individuals referred to us from the Bureau of Rehabilitation Services, Workers Compensation Board, the Department of Mental Retardation, the Department of Social Services, local school systems and the general public. SARAH Inc. is an affiliate agency of the SARAH family of agencies, including SARAH Seneca, SARAH Tuxis and the SARAH Foundation. SARAH is a local Arc, a chapter member of the Arc/US and Arc/CT.

    The Recreation and Leisure Connections program provides social activities, facilitates leisure opportunities, and fosters the development of physical and athletic skills for people with varying abilities and needs. It is our goal to plan and schedule activities that take place within generic community settings so that people of all abilities can fully participate in the richness of community life.

    Activities available from Recreation and Leisure Connections include, but are not limited to:
    • Special Olympics Training & Competition
    • Golf
    • Tennis
    • Volleyball
    • Alpine/Nordic Skiing
    • Basketball
    • Softball
    • Bowling
    • Athletics
    Life Skills and Leisure, Social Activities & Special Events

    Recreation and Leisure Connections also incorporates activities with local park and recreation departments, commercial ventures in recreation and leisure and fosters additional life skill learning opportunities.

    Participants enjoy:
    • Concerts
    • Plays
    • Dances
    • Spectator Sports
    • Movies
    • Dinner Out
    • Day Trips
    • Weekend getaways
    • Special Events
    • Art Classes