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  • Alabama Institute for Deaf and Blind is the world's most comprehensive education, rehabilitation and service system serving children and adults who are deaf, blind and multidisabled. All of our services are available at no charge for Alabama residents. No matter where you are, we're always eager to help anyone who shares our commitment to enriching the lives of people who have vision or hearing loss.

    AIDB serves more than 11,600 children and adults who are deaf and blind and their families in Alabama each year.

    We serve people literally from birth all the way through life. We are available to give support and advice to parents as soon as deafness or blindness is diagnosed. Our special preschool programs prepare children for learning. Children ages 3 to 21 are served through the Alabama School for the Deaf, the Alabama School for the Blind and the Helen Keller School of Alabama, accredited residential programs combining the most advanced adaptive and rehabilitative technology with the magic of skilled and dedicated teachers and staff.

    E.H. Gentry Technical Facility is an accredited two-year technical school which offers adults with sensory loss aged 16 and up a program of evaluation, adjustment and vocational training in many different fields. Students enjoy a full life on campus as they prepare to become contributing members of their communities. A recent study indicates that Alabama School for the Blind alumni are 22 times more likely to have a college education when compared to national averages. They are three and one half times more likely to be employed than their blind and visually impaired counterparts throughout the nation.

    Alabama Industries for the Blind gives meaning and substance to the lives of hundreds of adults with vision loss. Employment opportunities at our Talladega facility and our Birmingham satellite workshop help alleviate one of the leading problems for Americans who are blind -- the inability to find meaningful work.