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  • Providing Services for People with Disabilities and Their Families
    Children and adults with disabilities and special needs find highest-quality services designed to meet their individual needs when they come to Easter Seals. Teams of therapists, teachers and other health professionals help each person overcome obstacles to independence and reach his or her personal goals. Easter Seals also includes families as active members of any therapy program, and offers the support families need.

    Medical Rehabilitation: Promoting Independence and Quality of Life
    Whether through a birth condition, injury or illness, or because of functional limitations experienced in aging, Easter Seals medical rehabilitation services -- including physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech-hearing therapy and early intervention -- are the first step toward helping people with disabilities gain greater independence.

    Job Training and Employment: Building Skills to Find -- and Keep -- a Great Job
    Adults with disabilities looking for meaningful employment find training and placement opportunities through Easter Seals job training and employment services. Easter Seals staff help people identify their employment goals and structure job training programs to meet these personal goals.

    Child Care: Providing a Learning Environment for Children and Peace of Mind for Parents
    Meeting a growing need for high-quality child care for more than 20 million young children and their working parents, Easter Seals offers child care for children ages 6 months to 5 years. Young children are welcomed to a unique environment where children of all abilities learn together.

    Adult Day Programs: Anticipating the Needs of Adults with Disabilities and Older Adults
    Extending Easter Seals' medical rehabilitation expertise, Easter Seals adult day services meet daytime needs of adults with disabilities and older adults while promoting their dignity and independence. Easter Seals partners with families to ensure a continuation of their high-standards of care.

    Camping and Recreation: Having Fun, Making Friends, Mastering Skills, Expanding Independence
    Camp is about all the things children and adults can do -- play basketball, canoe, sing, eat s'mores and more. Easter Seals camping programs provide a safe, barrier-free environment for children and adults to experience all aspects of camp without usual limitations.