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Recumbent bicycles and tricycles


ocky Mountain Recumbents is a real life bike shop that specializes in recumbent bicycles, recumbent tricycles, ergonomic crank forward comfort bicycles and folding bicycles. We are dealers for a wide range of brands. We stock our store with bikes from our core brands such as Rans, Sun, Bacchetta, Longbikes, Optima, HP Velotechnik, Greenspeed, Catrike, Brompton, Biria, Day 6 and Dahon. These are bikes we know well and might have in the shop. Some other prominent brands that we proudly stock are Schwalbe tires and Arkel and Lone Peak panniers.

Rocky Mountain Recumbents has a very wide selection of new and used recumbent bicycles and tricycles. We stock a wide array of recumbent and/or brand specific accessories. We also rent and let people try out different bicycles until they are confident about which recumbent they want to purchase.