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Entre Prises was founded in France by Francois Savigny, an industrial engineer and rock climber, in 1983. Initially, the product was a selection of modular holds made of resinous concrete, the first commercially marketed climbing holds in the world! A few years later Savigny introduced his first panel system, called Profile. With these products, Savigny ushered in the era of modular, artificial rock climbing walls. Over 800 climbing walls completed in the U.S. Entre Prises USA employs approximately 70 full time employees. In-house architect and engineer professionals on staff to ensure the most professional customer service in the industry. Entre Prises USA manufacturers, designs, installs and distributes the most diverse line of climbing walls and handholds in the industry. The most advanced R&D department of any climbing wall company. All of our products are manufactured in the U.S.A.