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Table Tennis Robot System; Table Tennis Accessories.


The Newgy Robot System is comprised of 3 table tennis robots and 2 upgrade kits. The three robots are Robo-Pong models 540, 1040, and 2040. Each robot is designed for a particular type of ping pong player and has an accompanying price and set of features. The 540 is designed for beginning or recreational players, the 1040 for tournament or intermediate players, and the 2040 for serious or discriminating players. The two upgrade kits permit consumers to transform a 540 into a 1040 or a 1040 into a 2040.

The advantage of the Newgy Robot System is that it permits players to initially choose a robot specifically suited for their needs. As needs change, features can be added quickly and easily with the upgrade kits. This flexibility permits Newgy robot owners to always have a robot that matches their current abilities without losing their investment in the original equipment.