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Goalsetter MVP


What makes a Goalsetter Basketball System so original? Everything! Virtually every inch of a Goalsetter, down to the parts you never see, is designed to enhance the performance and durability of your basketball goal. Goalsetter's exclusive features, including the Patented Compression Height Adjustment Systems, Fortified Acrylic Backboards, One-Piece Off-Set Structural Steel Poles and Patented Hinged Ground Anchors crush the misconception that all basketball goals are created equal.

At Goalsetter Systems, we also embrace the belief that the quality of a product is much more than a collection of stand alone features. True quality lies in the way that we do business from training our representatives to ensure product knowledge and customer satisfaction to proudly manufacturing our entire product line in the United States. Our goal is to provide you with a premium quality basketball hoop and basketball equipment to be enjoyed for years to come, allowing you to claim a unique price in owning a Goalsetter System.

We invite you to embrace the tradition of the greatest game ever created and experience how Goalsetter Systems has redefined the home court inground basketball system.