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Moto Med


MOTOmed viva silent, smooth, smart.

Easing spasm, coordinating muscle power, accurate measurement of benefits.

The viva includes the latest innovations in technology and design. The unique electronic drive system which incorporats the most modern digital technology allows infinitely variable adaptaion and control. Intelligent software allows automatic recognition and adjustment of training level. Excellent safety and benefits will be possible thanks to ...
the self adapting Anti-Spasm Control detecting spasms automatically finds the direction in which the spasm will be eased, the RMT Cycling Aid providing the possibility to train actively even with very weak muscle force, the Leg Insertion Aid with automatic emergency stop.

Trainer for arms and upper body
You can fit the arm trainer to the MOTOmed viva as an accessory. This therapy unit allows to move arms and upper body as well as the shoulder joints passively or actively. As an all round trainer for the upper body it offers the same possibilities as the therapy unit for the legs. You can hinge it away from the body to give more leg space. On the backside of the arm trainer there is a handle to hold tight during leg exercise.

MOTOmed letto for movement therapy in the bed.
MOTOmed letto provides safe and efficient movement therapy for bed ridden patients in hospitals, nursing homes, in homes for elderly persons or at home. Special leg guides (accessory no. 115) prevent legs from moving laterally or that the knee will be overextended. This makes your therapy very safe and pleasant. Even the legs of paralysed or unconscious persons can be moved.