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R. Larry Nichols Sr. and Ray Nichols II, father and son, are the cofounders of Southern Xercise and co-inventors of the patented parallelogram technology. Southern Xercise has obtained five United States patents and foreign patents. Patents include method and apparatus covering TRU-SQUAT, the upper torso machines and the docking lock/release system. R. Larry Nichols Sr. having over 35 years experience in the business of fitness, including a lifelong commitment to staying fit, combined his passion for exercise with his knowledge of exercise equipment movement and design to develop the parallelogram system central to the TRU-LINE products. The father and son team combined experiences, abilities and efforts to develop their ideas into a line of strength equipment. Not just another strength line but designs utilizing a concept of movement long sought after in the fitness equipment industry. More than ten years ago Southern Xercise introduced TRU-SQUAT, its first piece of equipment incorporating this breakthrough system of movement. Since then, the concept has been expanded into a line of plate loaded machine designs sold under the tradename TRU-LINE. TRU-LINE is designed to provide the safest, most efficient and effective compound exercise movements and training system available.