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Event Details
Date: May 28 - 31, 2008

Annual Meeting Objectives At the conclusion of the Annual Meeting,participants should be able to:

  • Evaluate the biological, biomechanical and psychological changes during and following exercise in both normal and pathological states.
  • Analyze state-of-the art and innovative basic science,applied science,and clinical medicine in the areas of exercise,fitness,health,and physical performance.
  • Summarize emerging controversial issues in order to stay current in sports medicine and exercise science.
  • Compare new approaches and perspectives concerning exercise science and sports medicine through interactive discussions with scientists and clinicians in related fields.
  • Recognize the importance of basic science research as it relates to diseases and conditions that exist due to physical inactivity.
Clinically Specific Objectives
  • Evaluate the inter-relationships among exercise,fitness,health,and physical performance for active and inactive individuals.
  • Evaluate and formulate a treatment plan and provide rehabilitation for exercise-related injury to the foot and ankle,hand and wrist,knee,shoulder, and spine.
  • Diagnose and formulate a treatment plan for exercise-related medical problems,including cardiovascular, pulmonary,neurological,endocrine, musculoskeletal and other organic and functional disorders.
Target Audience
ACSM members and professionals interested in the field of sports medicine and exercise science.