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Date: Jan 12 - May 01, 2010

The RRTCADD is recruiting individuals with intellectual disabilities to participate in two of its studies on health issues.

The Longitudinal Health and Intellectual Disability Study (LHIDS) - seeks to increase our understanding of the unique health needs of adults with intellectual disabilities. LHIDS is seeking individuals 18 and older in the U.S. with intellectual disabilities and their caregivers in order to learn how certain health behaviors such as diet and physical activity are related to their health. The survey takes about 20-30 minutes to complete and is conducted once a year for five years. It includes questions about current health problems, participation in physical activity, alcohol consumption, diet, and oral hygiene. To register for or learn more about the study, please contact Benjamin Graham, the project coordinator, at (312) 355-1396 or You can also register at the RRTC-ADD website,

Neurodevelopmental Conditions and Lifespan Health Outcomes - is seeking collaboration sites to participate in its study to identify trends in age-related health decline, including biomarkers associated with the onset of secondary conditions in adults with specific neurodevelopmental disabilities. Sites will be asked to collect data on a sample of the individuals they serve using a 16-page questionnaire. If you or your program/center would be interested in collaborating by collecting data on even just a few subjects, please contact Matthew Janicki at