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Welcome to a virtual tour of an accessible community fitness center, created by NCPAD and the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago. The layout of equipment in this center arranges machines in logical groupings for fitness workouts while also assuring each piece of equipment can be accessed by any user, including people who use wheelchairs or other assistive devices for mobility. Similarly, the exercise equipment shown in this virtual center embody universal designs which allow use by ambulatory participants as well as participants using wheelchairs.

How to use this Tour

Welcome Picture 3Welcome Picture 1Click on the "Equipment Index" tab above and you will be shown an overhead view of our virtual center. Notice how the layout of the equipment allows for easy access to each machine. Clicking on the picture of any piece of equipment or clicking on the name of the piece of equipment in the alphabetical list of equipment below the diagram will present you with a photo of the equipment. Above the photo will be new tabs that let you view the equipment in use, special adaptations available for that piece of equipment, and more. Please feel free to explore our facility.

The "More Information" tab at the top of this page provides you with resources for learning more about health and fitness for people with disabilities.

Welcome Picture 2The "Where to Buy" tab provides resources for pricing and availability of the equipment shown in the virtual center as well as other equipment for personal or commercial use. Our virtual center includes the necessary fitness equipment to provide a complete range of strength and cardiovascular exercise options. However, there are other equipment options available. As with any product or service, consumers and professionals should investigate and determine on their own which equipment best fits their needs and budget.

All of the equipment shown in this virtual tour is currently in use at RIC's Helen M.Galvin Center for Health and Fitness. You can obtain more information about this innovative and popular center by selecting the tab, "RIC's Galvin Center".


The information provided here is offered as a service only. The National Center on Physical Activity and Disability, University of Illinois at Chicago does not formally recommend nor endorse any of the equipment or manufacturers listed.

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