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This Section consists of factsheets describing various disabilities and health conditions, as well as physical activity, exercise, and overall health considerations and recommendations associated with each.

Exercise and Fitness

This Section consists of factsheets describing various exercise and fitness techniques, modes, methods, adaptations, programming and related exercise equipment that can be used by, for, and in working with individuals with a variety of disabilities and health conditions.


This Section consists of articles relating to the Paralympics and Paralympic Sports.

Adaptive Sports

This Section consists of factsheets describing individual and team sports, both indoor and outdoor, that are often played for competition. Information provided includes topics such as adaptive equipment, affiliated organizations, and rules and regulations of each sport.

Health Promotion/Wellness

This section provides information on health promotion and wellness considerations for people with disabilities. The concept of health is the same for both people with and without disabilities - achieving and maintaining an optimal level of wellness in order to lead a full life.

Fun and Leisure

This Section provides information on various physical activities that may be done for recreation as opposed to exercise and fitness purposes, as well as adaptations and considerations to make them inclusive of and accessible to people with disabilities.


This Section provides information and resources on promoting healthier lifestyles through improved nutrition and other healthy lifestyle changes on individual and community levels.

Program Development

This Section consists of articles about community-based physical activity programs focused on and built around fitness, recreation, sports, and other health-related endeavors. Specific focus is given to the inclusion of people with disabilities in these programs, as well as topics and issues related to their development.


This Section provides abstracts and summaries of research articles that focus on exercise, fitness, and other physical activities for people with various disabilities and health conditions.


This Section displays NCHPAD publications on a variety of topics that incorporate downloadable video clips within the feature to complement the information discussed.


This Section serves as an archive for past editions of NCHPAD's monthly e-newsletter, ""

Monthly Columns

Monthly Columns within the Inclusive.Health.Connection newsletter for kids, adults, and seniors.