Open House

Large tree surrounded by green grass with horses grazing in the background.Many camps have “pre-camp” events such as Open Houses or “newcomer weekends.” These events allow and encourage families of new campers to visit the camp, meet with directors and staff, see the facilities, and ask questions. If these events are not available, ask the director to arrange a time to meet you one-on-one. Directors should be happy to honor this request where, like the above, you can have the opportunity to visit the camp, meet staff, see the facilities, and so forth. You should never have to send your child to camp on opening day and have this be the first time they and you have seen camp! Other options may also be available to you such as camp brochures and camp videos. While not the same as being there, these tools can also offer families a chance to “see” and learn more about the camp you are considering for your child. The best scenario is when you receive all of these opportunities and tools to aid you and your child in the decision making process.