While the choice to send your child to camp is indeed a process, the process should be fun and informative, filled with good opportunities and lots of information sharing from all parties involved! Below is a “checklist” to aid you in your pre-camp explorations!

  • Ask the camp if they have any marketing materials such as brochures or videos that they can send to you in advance of selecting a camp.
  • Ask the camp if they offer events such as tours, an open house or “new family” weekend retreats to assist in your selection process.
  • Read the Frequently Asked Questions section of this guide and ask the director questions you feel are appropriate to your child’s specific needs and recreational preferences.
  • Complete the registration and application process clearly and completely.
  • Make sure the camp sends you some form of a confirmation or acceptance packet detailing the information and preparation you will need to make in advance of bringing your child to camp.
  • Enjoy the process! Preparing your child for camp should be fun and exciting!