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Program Details


Activities Offered
  • Adventure Programs
  • Camp
Participants Served
  • Age range of participants: 16 to 20

  • Accessible by Public Transportation: No

  • Transportation Provided by the Program: No


A wide variety of students attend Outward Bound. You'll probably find that your course has a wide variety of students in terms of age, background, ethnicity, belief system, etc. However, many of our courses have minimum ages that help us and you create a course that has outcomes designed for certain ages. You may also see that some of our courses are designed for the needs of certain groups. That's why we offer such a wide variety of ages and types -- we are dedicated to meeting the needs of all our students. Usually what you'll see is a range that indicates the minimum age - the highest average age (ie 16-20+). This example means that the minimum is 16 years old and students are typically between 16 and 20. The "+" means that we do get some students who are above this age as well.

Courses for Individuals who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing

Step into the challenge and adventure of an Outward Bound Wilderness expedition on a course specifically designed for the deaf community. The hands-on experience will make the most of your body and mind while traveling to some of the nation�s most spectacular wilderness areas. Created and inspired by deaf and signing Outward Bound instructors, this course uses ASL sign language to communicate all the tools you will need to know to thrive on your wilderness adventure. Through success-oriented challenges requiring team work and personal effort, you will prove to yourself that the possibilities are endless. Tackle the adventure and journey that awaits at Outward Bound.