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Program Details


Activities Offered
  • Athletics/ Track & Field
  • Basketball
  • Golf
  • Rugby
  • Scuba Diving
  • Snow Skiing
  • Softball
  • Tennis
  • Water Skiing
Building Access
  • Meets ADA standards
  • Accessible areas of building: Parking Area; Ramps; Front Desk/Reception Area;

Staff Training and Certification
  • Staff Certification:Kinesiology/Physical Education/Exercise Science; Adapted Phys Ed/Therapeutic Rec; Physical Therapy/PT Assistant; Occupational Therapy/OT Assistant;

Participants Served
  • Age range of participants: 19 to 100

Adaptive Equipment
  • Adaptive equipment available

Membership Fees
  • Fee to participate in the Program : Yes

  • Accessible by Public Transportation: No

  • Transportation Provided by the Program: No


SLWAA was founded in 1989 as a 501(c)(3) not for profit organization with the assistance of SSM Rehabilitation Institute (now known as SSM Rehab) and the St. Louis Rolling Rams basketball team. SLWAA and SSM Rehab worked together to meet the competitive and recreational needs of youth and adults with physical disabilities in Metro St. Louis. Their menu of programs have grown and expanded since this time. In 1997, SLWAA became an independent organization.

They now offer programs for individuals of all ages. These include wheelchair basketball, track and field, road racing, softball, quad rugby, tennis, scuba diving, water skiing, tennis, golf, snow skiing, and more. These programs allow us to achieve our mission of improving the physical condition and quality of life of the disabled through participation in sport.